Single User - Software Only

Sandblasting VR App

App Features

Training and Learning Modes

The SprayVerse standalone VR app has 3 operation modes: Sandblasting Training, Interactive Learning - Lessons and Analytics Preview.

Interactive Learning Lessons

SprayVerse Sandblasting has buit-in interactive lessons for learning the basics of Sandblasting. The lessons included are: Blasting Hose and Blasting Gun.

Coverage Heatmaps and Tracking

SprayVerse provides real-time feedback through heatmaps, audio and visual cue. The active heatmap indicates the coat coverage for each coat and highlight the over and under-painted areas. The visual feedback helps the user to maintain a correct distance during the whole training process. The spray gun movement during each session is recorded and displayed as tracking lines.

Built-In Grading System and Analytics

SprayVerse Sandblasting features a sophisticated grading and scoring system based on the real-time tracking of user performance in terms of surface finish, speed and distance.