Single User - Software Only

Standalone VR App

App Features

Training and Learning Modes

The SprayVerse standalone VR app has 3 operation modes: Spray Painting Training (HVLP and Airless), Interactive Learning - Lessons and Analytics Preview.

Multiple Industries

Three main industry categories parts are available: Automotive, Aircraft and Construction. Each category has multiple parts such as fenders, door, hood, rear and front bumpers, sedan trunk and side mirrors for automotive, wing, tail-wing, propeller, fan cowling and nose cone for aircraft, beam, roof tile, rail section, small pipe, large pipe, 90 degree elbow and equal tee joint for construction, house door, window, cabinet and window shutter for furniture.

Interactive Learning Lessons

SprayVerse has buit-in interactive lessons for learning the basics of Spray Painting. The lessons included are: Spray Painting Techniques (How to set up the spray gun and How to Paint), Paint Mixing Tutorial and Paint Blending Tutorial.

Coverage Heatmaps and Tracking

SprayVerse provides real-time feedback through heatmaps, audio and visual cue. The active heatmap indicates the coat coverage for each coat and highlight the over and under-painted areas. The visual feedback helps the user to maintain a correct distance during the whole training process. The spray gun movement during each session is recorded and displayed as tracking lines.

Built-In Grading System and Analytics

SprayVerse features a sophisticated grading and scoring system based on the real-time tracking of user performance in terms of coat coverage, paint used and time spent. The system tracks and records the user's spray gun movement for each training session for later analysis.