Sprayverse Breaks New Ground – META’s Oculus Store

Sprayverse, an automotive and industrial spray painting virtual reality software has made
history becoming the first VR application to feature on META’s Quest Oculus store.
The demo version allows anyone with an Oculus headset to download the software via
their Oculus Quest and try virtual spray painting in the comfort of their own home or
Sprayverse offers a fully equipped simulator and software-only package for business,
training organizations and education bodies who can adopt one of the fastest-growing
technologies into their environment.
The application also serves as a great tool for attracting talent from the school systems
and career networks, as the younger generation is familiar with virtual reality and
oculus headsets. It has become the norm in a growing number of schools and homes
for kids to try a new skill and connect to the industry or an employer to explore a career
in this chosen space. 
With a growing clientele base such as Toyota, Thatcham, Axalta, BASF, and many more
from around the world, the Sprayverse product is on track to become the “Metaverse of
Spray Painting” connects a global audience of users via the virtual world.